January 2009
Society for Historical Consulting founded with Ōishi Manabu as its chair. The Society’s administrative offices are based in Ōishi Manabu’s seminar room Tokyo Gakugei University. Society’s blog created.
November 2009
1st Symposium held (“Historical Consulting Studies.: A Beginning” 「時代考証学―ことはじめ―」 ; held annually thereafter)
October 2010
Ōishi Manabu and the Society for Historical Consulting, eds., Historical Consulting Studies: A Beginning 大石学・時代考証学会編『時代考証学 ことはじめ』 (Tōkyōdō Shuppan) published (subsequently, the results of each symposium will be published in book form by various publishing houses)
March 2011
Hoso Bunka Foundation 2010 Cycle Grant Program recipient (Project: “Developing Historical Consulting Studies: Building the Relationship between NHK’s Taiga Drama Programs and a Popular Understanding of History” 「時代考証学の構築にむけて―NHK大河ドラマと市民の歴史意識の関係構造—」)
April 2011
Formulation of the Society’s constitution
July 2011
1st Forum, held in Kagoshima (“The Taiga Drama and Local Culture: “Atsuhime,” “Ryōmaden,” and Kagoshima” 「大河ドラマと地域文化―「篤姫」「龍馬伝」と鹿児島―」)
October 2011
Toyota Foundation 2011 Research Grant Program recipient (Project: “Establishing the Field of Historical Consulting Studies and Its Theoretical Grounding” 「時代考証学の確立とその方法論的研究」)
February 2012
Society for Historical Consulting logo created
March 2012
Hoso Bunka Foundation 2011 Cycle Grant Program Recipient (Project: “Developing the Field of Historical Consulting Studies, Pt. 2: The Reception of Taiga Drama by Local Cultures and Elucidating What Makes Them Distinctive” 「時代考証学の構築にむけてⅡ―地域文化における大河ドラマの受容とその特質の解明―」)
June 2012
2nd Forum, held in Hikone (“How Taiga and Period Dramas Speak of Regions: Messages from the Historic City of Hikone” 「地域と語る大河ドラマ・時代劇―歴史都市彦根からの発信―」)
August 2012
1st Salon held (“Toward Establishing the Field of Historical Consulting Studies: Organizing the History of Studies into Historical Consulting” 「時代考証学の確立のために―時代考証学をめぐる研究史整理―」); held twice yearly thereafter)
November 2012
Twelve volumes of Gakken Manga—New Nihon no Rekishi created with the Society’s complete involvement published by Gakken Educational Co., Ltd.
March 2013
Hoso Bunka Foundation 2012 Cycle Grant Program Recipient (Project: “Developing the Field of Historical Consulting Studies, Pt. 3: Interrogating the Fruits of Historical Consulting Studies” 「時代考証学の構築にむけてⅢ―時代考証学の成果を問う―」)
June 2013
3rd Forum held in Kyoto (“Kyoto, the Source of Period Drama Culture” 「時代劇文化の発信地・京都」)
February 2014
Established the Society’s Extraordinary Committee, with 18 members
March 2014
Hoso Bunka Foundation 2013 Cycle Grant Program Recipient (Project: “The Collection, Organization, and Preservation of Period Drama Archives and Archival Theoretical Studies” 「時代劇アーカイブズの収集・整理・保存と資料論的研究」)
June 2014
4th Forum, held in Sendai (“Date Masamune and Period-Drama Media: Introducing and Presenting Local History and Culture” 「伊達政宗と時代劇メディアー地域の歴史・文化を描き、伝えること」)
March 2019
10th Anniversary Society for Historical Consulting Symposium held (“Contemplating the Image of the Edo Period: History, Period Dramas, and Historical Consulting” 「江戸時代像を考える―歴史学・時代劇と時代考証―」)
March 2021
Twelve volumes of “DVD Edition: Gakken manga ga New Nihon-rekishi (DVD付学研まんがNEW日本の歴史) published with the Society’s total involvement by Gakken Plus

Administrative offices for the Association are transferred to the seminar room of Kadomatsu Hideki at the Tohoku University of Community Service and Science

October 2022
Society’s website is launched